Imaginary Landscapes creates a random, constantly evolving colour and soundscape in your web browser.

The music it creates isn’t of any value on its own - it’s not really meant to be directly listened to at all, rather passively consumed.

For best results play at low volume on headphones or external loudspeakers and add some context. Leave it on in the background while you’re doing something else, while on the train, while reading a book, having a conversation.

When the app is launched, a configuration file is loaded or randomly generated giving the app a set of rules to follow in order to create music.

Start a random session, or select a predefined scene:

  1. Home For Tea
  2. Lazy Susan
  3. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls (Keep You All Aglow)
  4. Crooks & Grannies
  5. Wasn’t That Great
  6. I Thought You Knowed
  7. What It Is, Is
  8. Japan-Manchuria Sheep Scheme