Here is my recipe for the simplest, cheapest way to make a nice apple wine. It comes out between 10-12% ABV and tastes pretty good.

Yields 5l (UK gallon).

  • 5l of apple juice from concentrate

    It shouldn’t contain any additives, except ascorbic acid which is just the posh name for vitamin C. In my experience the price/quality doesn’t impact on the final product, so I’d reccomend just using supermakret own brand.

  • 600g sugar

    Again don’t bother buying expensive sugar, I’ve tried it and it makes no difference. Normal run-of-the-mill caster sugar will do!

  • Yeast

    Any general wine yeast will work (or any yeast with an alcohol tolerance above 12%)

  • Cup of tea (optional)

    Steeped for as long as it takes to cool to room temperature. Although optional, it adds tannins which make the wine taste more like wine